InnovationLab – Teams aan Zet

InnovationLab was founded in 2015 by a group of curriculum designers and student assistants to meet the demand for an authentic international learning environment for students and staff in Higher Education. is an online platform to support innovative practices in Higher Education on the basis of the principles of Design Thinking. Our Educational philosophy is based on the deep conviction that every learner is unique and that diversity is the norm. For this reason the principles of Universal Design for Learning are guiding the development of both the platform and its content.
InnovationLab is intended to make internationalization and international collaboration accessible to students and staff and to provide (trainee) teachers with a platform where they can experiment with new forms of UDL-based education and share experiences with colleagues all over the world.
The web editing tool (Projects) in InnovationLab will enable users to create courses, blogs, wikis, websites and portfolios –hosted by NHL University - that they can share with users both within and outside their own University. Besides, users can send messages and post “shouts”on the InnovationLab Wall and create thematic Events to which users from different institutions may be invited.
InnovationLab is not intended to support large-scale mainstream education but functions as - and will be further developed into - a Worldwide learning lab that facilitates an open exchange of knowledge, information and experience. Diversity, Design Thinking and mutual intercultural respect are key!
InnovationLab is an experimental environment; On the basis of pilot evaluations criteria will be formulated for the design of a 3.0 platform that fully supports UDL-based Design Thinking Education.

Roelien Bos-Wierda & Ron Barendsen

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